Hiding Columns

How to completely hide a column from view.


  • In the below examples the first row is expanded by default using the expandFirst option to better illustrate how setting a columns visible option to false will hide it from both the normal and details rows.
  • In the below examples the "Date of Birth" column is always hidden using the all breakpoint. This is done so the details of the first row are always displayed regardless of the screen size so you can see the ID column is not visible.

To hide a column entirely from view, meaning it will not be displayed in either the normal or details row, simply use the visible column option and set it to false.

This example shows a table where the first column ID is completely hidden from view using the data-visible column attribute.

ID First Name Last Name Job Title Started On Date of Birth
1 Dennise Fuhrman High School History Teacher November 8th 2011 July 25th 1960
2 Elodia Weisz Wallpaperer Helper October 15th 2010 March 30th 1982
3 Raeann Haner Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner November 28th 2013 February 26th 1966
4 Junie Landa Offbearer October 31st 2010 March 29th 1966
5 Solomon Bittinger Roller Skater December 29th 2011 September 22nd 1964
6 Bar Lewis Clown November 12th 2012 August 4th 1991
7 Usha Leak Ships Electronic Warfare Officer August 14th 2012 November 20th 1979
8 Lorriane Cooke Technical Services Librarian September 21st 2010 April 7th 1969
<table class="table" data-show-toggle="false" data-expand-first="true">
			<th data-visible="false">ID</th>
			<th>First Name</th>
			<th>Last Name</th>
			<th data-breakpoints="xs">Job Title</th>
			<th data-breakpoints="xs sm">Started On</th>
			<th data-breakpoints="all" data-title="DOB">Date of Birth</th>
			<td>High School History Teacher</td>
			<td>November 8th 2011</td>
			<td>July 25th 1960</td>
			<td>Wallpaperer Helper</td>
			<td>October 15th 2010</td>
			<td>March 30th 1982</td>
			<td>Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner</td>
			<td>November 28th 2013</td>
			<td>February 26th 1966</td>
			<td>October 31st 2010</td>
			<td>March 29th 1966</td>
			<td>Roller Skater</td>
			<td>December 29th 2011</td>
			<td>September 22nd 1964</td>
			<td>November 12th 2012</td>
			<td>August 4th 1991</td>
			<td>Ships Electronic Warfare Officer</td>
			<td>August 14th 2012</td>
			<td>November 20th 1979</td>
			<td>Technical Services Librarian</td>
			<td>September 21st 2010</td>
			<td>April 7th 1969</td>

This example shows a table where the first column ID is completely hidden from view using the visible column option.

		"expandFirst": true,
		"columns": [
			{ "name": "id", "visible": false },
			{ "name": "firstName", "title": "First Name" },
			{ "name": "lastName", "title": "Last Name" },
			{ "name": "jobTitle", "title": "Job Title", "breakpoints": "xs" },
			{ "name": "started", "title": "Started On", "breakpoints": "xs sm" },
			{ "name": "dob", "title": "Date of Birth", "breakpoints": "all" }
		"rows": [
			{ "id": 1, "firstName": "Dennise", "lastName": "Fuhrman", "jobTitle": "High School History Teacher", "started": "November 8th 2011", "dob": "July 25th 1960" },
			{ "id": 2, "firstName": "Elodia", "lastName": "Weisz", "jobTitle": "Wallpaperer Helper", "started": "October 15th 2010", "dob": "March 30th 1982" },
			{ "id": 3, "firstName": "Raeann", "lastName": "Haner", "jobTitle": "Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner", "started": "November 28th 2013", "dob": "February 26th 1966" },
			{ "id": 4, "firstName": "Junie", "lastName": "Landa", "jobTitle": "Offbearer", "started": "October 31st 2010", "dob": "March 29th 1966" },
			{ "id": 5, "firstName": "Solomon", "lastName": "Bittinger", "jobTitle": "Roller Skater", "started": "December 29th 2011", "dob": "September 22nd 1964" },
			{ "id": 6, "firstName": "Bar", "lastName": "Lewis", "jobTitle": "Clown", "started": "November 12th 2012", "dob": "August 4th 1991" },
			{ "id": 7, "firstName": "Usha", "lastName": "Leak", "jobTitle": "Ships Electronic Warfare Officer", "started": "August 14th 2012", "dob": "November 20th 1979" },
			{ "id": 8, "firstName": "Lorriane", "lastName": "Cooke", "jobTitle": "Technical Services Librarian", "started": "September 21st 2010", "dob": "April 7th 1969" }
<table class="table"></table>